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If you made it here it means you are one of 2 people...

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Let me show you what happened to Angela.

Before working with Kelley, Angela's salon had been focused on competing for customers in her local market for over 3 years. This worked but she wasn't doing that well financially.

As soon as she started with Kelley she immediately realized the power of communicating to her customers & employees in a more authentic way that actually converted into making more money... and a lot of it.

Within 3 months she has reduced costs by over 9% while increasing revenue by over 37%... leading to over $90,000 more profit for her business each year...

These are the same strategies I've used with Sophia Hilton, Tom Chapman, Jorge Viota & more

I want to be clear.

I know the Million Dollar Method works not from philosophy but from the results from actually building my own salon Head Case Hair Studio to $1,500,000 in revenue.

I also know the method works from the hundreds of salon owners, stylists, and independents I've worked with over the past 7 years.

Leading directly to millions of dollars in additional revenue for those business owners and stylists...

If you are not as big or even close to their size that is totally fine. You're not supposed to be yet, that's why you're reading this.

None of them were nearly as big as they are today before my process and how I helped them optimize their salons.

Venessa's story was pretty similar.

Her independent salon was focused on serving women from her community. When we updated her pricing, set her up with the rights products and systems, and started marketing her on social media, she ended up doing her first $100,000 year as a stylists.

(She did this with NO paid ads - AND many of the same customers she already had... ).

That’s the power of the working with a proven expert.

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