Hey Salon Owners!

This isn’t for everyone, but this is going to be PERFECT for some of you. 

We have an event where we put all this together for you called

Million $$ Salon Certification. 

In one 3-day intensive at my salon in Keller, Texas, we hold you by the hand and guide you through the Million Dollar certification that will transform your salon business into a million-dollar powerhouse—followed by 6 months of bi-weekly coaching sessions. At the Mastermind, we provide you with the essential tools for success - leadership development, revenue-boosting strategies, and unbeatable marketing tactics. 

Surround yourself with salon industry leaders and unlock INNOVATIVE secrets to creating a thriving beauty business. Together, we will improve our communities and positively impact the world through personalized business strategies designed just for you. 

Each session over this 3-day, live coaching workshop is structured in a way that will automatically turn ideas into implementation in real-time so that you don’t leave with just a bunch of notes; you leave with something that can move your world.

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If you made it here it means you are one of 2 people...

#1 A salon owner wanting to hit a million dollars.


#2 A salon owner who is ready to leave a legacy for loved ones.

Let me show you what happened to Ashley.

I've helped numerous salon owners, just like Ashley, quadruple their revenue and transform their struggling business into a thriving one.

I'll provide you with the tools and strategies necessary to develop a winning business model, increase customer satisfaction, and skyrocket your revenue.

Through personalized coaching, you'll receive the support and guidance needed to achieve long-term success in the beauty industry.

Within 3 months she has reduced costs by over 9% while increasing revenue by over 37%... leading to over $90,000 more profit for her business each year...

These are the same techniques I've learned and strategized with known leaders in the industry such as Sophia Hilton, Tom Chapman, Jorge Viota & more!

I want to be clear.

I know the Million Dollar Salon Certification works not from philosophy but from the results from actually building my own salon Head Case Hair Studio to $1,500,000 in revenue.

I also know the method works from the hundreds of salon owners, I've worked with over the past 7 years.

Leading directly to millions of dollars in additional revenue for those business owners...

If your salon is running $250,00 to $750,000 a year and wanting to scale to a million dollar salon then this mastermind is for you.

None of them were nearly as big as they are today before my process and how I helped them optimize their salons.

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